Hope for Creation was a founding member of the Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition, which launched its work at this rally in September 2019.

Since its beginning, Hope for Creation has participated in advocacy activities such as voter education, get-out-the-vote efforts, and engagement in letter-writing campaigns.  Members of HFC also joined other organizations to demand Climate Emergency declarations by the City of Kalamazoo and Kalamazoo County in the early 2020s.  Those efforts have led to the hiring of staff dedicated to climate action planning by both the City and County.  Three HFC participants applied to and participated in, the Kalamazoo County Climate Action and Climate Justice Plan Advisory Council formed in 2023; in that role, they helped to develop a comprehensive climate action plan that will go to the County Commission in 2026.


A priority-setting process during the spring of 2023 made it clear that HFC strongly continues its commitment to advocacy in various ways.  A small group of participants has formed a team to develop actions to amplify voices of faith and conscience concerned about the climate crisis.  Possibilities include attendance at municipal meetings, monitoring the work of various local committees (eg. zoning boards, economic development committees, and planning boards), encouraging candidates to promote climate-friendly legislation, and educating the public about policies with significant impacts on the environment. 


If you are interested in supporting or participating in Hope for Creation’s advocacy team, please email us at [email protected]