An interfaith response to climate change
propelled by the moral imperative for immediate and
just climate action in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan

Relational Covenant

Hope for Creation aspires to draw together a diversity of people and spiritual approaches in the always-sacred work of earth care.  Our relational covenant guides us and our interactions in this work and stands as a statement of our commitment to diversity, equity, understanding, and environmental justice.

As we envision, learn, and work together:

  • We seek to build equitable and just relationships for all peoples as we also develop a healthy and thriving environment for all life on the planet
  • We welcome people as they are, each with their own identities, orientations, cultural contexts, spiritual practices, and faith traditions (or none).
  • We agree to respectful dialogue, compassionate listening, and collaborative development of vision, programs, and resources.
  • We recognize that our society has privileged the voices and experiences of some people over others and seek to counteract that history in our discussions, decision-making, and other interactions. We know this must be a continuous and conscious effort that asks for humility, openness, and ongoing learning, and relationship building.
  • We agree to respect, honor, and learn from the diverse understandings and varied language regarding the Divine
  • We enter into our work together believing that the diversity of peoples is central to the thriving of healthy and sustainable communities locally and globally just as diversity within ecosystems is essential to their thriving.