An interfaith response to climate change
propelled by the moral imperative for immediate and just climate action
in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan


We pray for God’s creation: Thank you for your beautiful creation entrusted to us.
We’re sorry we have not cared for your world in the way you intended. We pray that as we learn
more about the climate crisis, we will not be overwhelmed. We pray that you will help us
to each play our part in caring for your planet and everyone on it. Amen.

We pray for those most vulnerable to climate change: Our hearts break at the devastating
impact the climate crisis is already having on those living in extreme poverty. We pray that this
injustice will not be ignored, that more will be done to protect those left vulnerable and that
governments will take action to protect those most vulnerable around the world,
not just those in their own country. Amen.

We pray for children: Loving God, your word reminds us how much you value and love
children. We mourn the climate crisis and the devastating impact it is having on children’s lives.
We thank you for young people and their passion and conviction to care and protect your world.
We pray that their actions and words will be taken seriously. We ask that as adults we will
strive to protect the world that they will grow up in. Amen.

Adapted from “7 Powerful Prayers for Tackling Climate Change During COP26”

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