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Sources of Eco Friendly Actions & Products That You and Your Congregations Can Take Advantage of!

What are some sustainable choices you can make to support our ongoing fight for the environment? Here are a couple different ways you can create sustainable opportunities for your congregation (and beyond)!

Starting locally, there are several shops in Michigan that can provide needs for your community.


Bee Joyful Shop

Bee Joyful is located in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. They specialize in their zero waste products! Many of their products are useful and innovative everyday items that can cut down on waste. They have wooden brushes for all cleaning, beeswax candles, reusable bags and many refillable liquid containers for things like alcohol and peroxide!



Walking Lightly

Walking Lightly is based in Metro Detroit in Ferndale, Michigan. A large goal of their shop is to help members of the community make more sustainable choices! They have services such as local deposit jar deliveries, terracycling programs and environmental workshops. They host and share many of the local environmental events in and around Detroit that everyone can come to participate in! They also sell a variety of eco-friendly goods, including hygiene, oral, body and  pet products. They provide Terracycle boxes to give people opportunities to recycle ‘hard-to-recycle’ items. Working to interact and provide services for the community. 


Green Earth Organics

Green Earth Organic has a mission to assist all growers, planters and gardeners to grow in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way! They have a huge array of products to help in growing and composting. They also give information on organic growing methods to help as well. 



Bio-Kleen is a local Kalamazoo business that specializes in industrial cleaning products that are biodegradable, non-aerosol and environmentally friendly. Since 1987, the business has expanded steadily all throughout the country and can be purchased from many different locations in most US states and many areas in Canada. Their products are heavy duty and range from automobile and vehicle cleaners to janitorial and commercial cleaning! They also strive to create and distribute products that are vegan and cruelty free.



Bring Your Own Container Company was founded by 22 year old UofM graduate Emma Hess, who made great efforts to start a zero waste project. With her shop, you can bring your own containers (or purchase what is there) and put in as much as you would like of the various refillable products they offer at the shop. They also have a lot of information on what things you can donate and recycle to them!

Home Depot

Other actions you can take around your home and church can benefit you and the environment in the future as well. Home Depot offers up many different DIY projects that will save on energy and cost! Some of them include how to collect fallen leaves for a mulch, winterizing your home and Christmas tree recycling.

For more information on businesses in Michigan and Kalamazoo, we invite to explore the links below that also helped contribute to this blog!


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